Fish Haul Farmers

Fish Haul Farmers

farm2Welcome to the Fish Haul Farmers.  Our name is taken from the creek that runs behind our farm.  We are located in a sunny field next to the Port Royal Plantation tennis courts just off Ft. Walker Drive.  Please come visit our farm and watch the progress we make growing vegetables in the Lowcountry.  We are fortunate to have a very long growing season, so there may be more than one harvest per year.  Many items can be grown through the late fall and even into the winter season here on Hilton Head Island.

We work in 6 x 12 x 1 high beds, small enough to easily manage, but large enough for the usual tomato, radish, cucumber, pepper, bean and herb plants.  Water spigots are shared between three to four beds and can be placed on timers, if desired.  Part-time residents may cover their beds to reduce maintenance and weed issues while they are gone, thus returning to a bed ready for use.  There is designated organic area for those interested in chemical free gardening.

An electrified fence surrounds the perimeter of the farm which keeps deer and rabbits from dining on our delicacies, unlike our yards which provide plenty of nibbles for the local wildlife.  We also have water and electricity at our site, as well as a garden shed which holds our numerous garden supplies.

Stop by and see Fish Haul Farm and perhaps a farmer will have a fresh vegetable to share with you! Fish Haul Farm is full at this time, but accepts names for a wait list. Contact Ken Gruber, President, at 681-5168 for more information. 



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